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Freshmen Health/ P.E. Syallbus


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9th Grade Physical Education & Health                                                 Mr. Caleb Lempka


PE/ Health Days:

We will have 3 days of Physical Education each week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), our health days will fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Health days will always be on Tuesday and Thursday in room 307.



Physical Education Philosophy:

Physical Education should be a time where students strive to better themselves in terms of physical conditioning, and muscular strength and endurance. It’s also a time to develop healthy habits and views of exercise, and components of a healthy lifestyle , it provide students with the opportunity to play, compete, have fun, learn, and learn how to win and lose with class, all while giving respect for teammates and opponents alike.


This class will involve muscular endurance and strength as well as cardiovascular conditioning.  Each day we will begin class with some form of conditioning to get your heart rate up followed by some form of stretch / warm up routine (push-ups sit-ups/ or other ab exercises and jumping jacks).  The initial warm-up can vary from time to time based upon the unit we will be working on for that time period. If you have any suggestions of improvements to the warm-up or overall unit please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Not only will Physical Education test your physical abilities we will also be tested periodically over certain units we may be working on. These tests will include questions about rules, regulations and history of certain sports and activities. Vocabulary words will also accompany each sport / unit. You will be informed of the testing dates at least a week in advance, and I will try and post the test dates on my school webpage.


Grading Procedures:

Five points will be given each day based upon active participation (2 pts), dressing out (1 pt), and general attitude and effort of the student (2 pts). Each student will be granted two “free days” per quarter. On these free days, students will receive all five points if they are absent, students are not allowed to use free days on days which they are present but not dressed out.


After the two “free days” have been used, students may make up their points for absent days by coming in before or after school to workout with the teacher present. Students will be responsible for making this up and will have to communicate with the teacher as to when they can come in and complete the makeup work.


Students that do not dress for physical education will be required to do an activity of some sort that will be determined by the teacher. In most cases there is extra clothing and shoes available for students if need be. Students who do not dress out will not be allowed to participate in the game or activity that the other students are doing for that day, and they will lose points for not dressing out.


If students are absent for an extended amount of time, they will have to complete some type of article summary, unit packet, or some other activity to make up for the points they missed when they were absent.


Health Grading:

You will be graded on assignments, quizzes and tests. We will have one or two projects throughout the year that will be graded as well. Late work will be dealt with on an individual basis and will need to be discussed with Mr.Lempka. I expect work to be handed in on time, and I will try and post all assignments onto my school webpage. If you have any questions on an assignment, please feel free to call me or come see me whenever. My office is in by the-preschool wing of the school, and my prep period is during 6th hour.


Classroom Rules:

We will follow all the rules listed in the Overton Public Schools Student Handbook. All absent and tardy situations will follow the handbook standards.


I do not believe in having so many rules that you can’t possibly remember them all, so I have chosen to list the major rules that need to be followed within my class

  • Respect all classmates before, during and after class this means both in the gym as well as in the locker room, respect AT ALL TIMES!
  • No speaking while I am speaking. SILENT and LISTEN are spelled with the same letters.
  • Cell phones, iPods ,iPads are to be  put away or off , unless instructed to bring them to utilize in class that day.
  • Use of appropriate language at all times.




Physical Education Procedures

  • We will meet in the gym to take attendance before dressing out. You will have 5-7 minutes to change. As soon as you have changed, come to the gym. Once everyone is accounted for we will begin our warmup. Before you are dismissed you will have 7 minutes to shower and dress. Return to the gym to be dismissed.
  • Injuries need to be reported to me immediately.
  • If you are absent, please see me so we can discuss if you will use your free day. If you are ill or injured and cannot participate I need a note from your parent or doctor. If you are medically excused for a long period of time you will be asked to assist the instructor or be required to write a weekly report to make up for the points lost through the week.
  • Valuables (personal belongings, iPad) need to be locked in your lockers. If something is taken and it wasn’t locked in your locker, then you assume responsibility.
  • Everyone is required to dress out in proper shirts, shorts (sweatshirts, sweatpants if we are going outside). Shirts must have sleeves, and shorts must be of a respectable length. Dressing out is not an option, exceptions are made only for students with special needs.


Health Classroom Procedures:

  • Greet your teacher and classmates with respect.
  • Go to your assigned seat immediately with minimal talking.
  • Place homework in the homework basket as you arrive in class.
  • If there is an instant activity please begin immediately
  • Remain quiet while I take attendance.
  • I will occasionally grade on class discussion and participation. During lectures, you must pay attention and be involved within the discussion. In regards to the units we will be covering you will need to be especially considerate and respectful of the topic and discussion of said topic. Some topics are sensitive and need to be handled with maturity and seriousness.
  • When we are in partners or groups doing an assignment please move to the assigned work are quietly, have your materials ready, define student roles and responsibilities, work within your own group staying on tasks, respect other groups by being quiet.
  • At the bell, please wait for me to dismiss you. The bell does not dismiss you, I do. Be sure to clean up your work area and take all materials with you when you leave.


Locker Room Rules:

  • Walk quietly to and from the locker room, and enter and exit the locker room quietly, and remain reasonably quiet while changing. You may talk, speak and interact with your peers but remember to be respectful of the other classes throughout the building.
  • Girls: if you are having troubles with your locker or lock talk with Mr.Lempka and I will find a female staff member to help assist you with your locker/ lock issue.
  • Boys: if you are having troubles with your locker or lock, talk with Mr.Lempka and I will assist you with your locker/ lock issue.
  • No cell phones/ Ipads’ in the locker room. If I come in and see you on your phone or Ipad, then you will be required to turn it into the office immediately.
  • Messing around of any sort within the locker room will not be tolerated!



If you have any questions / concerns about the class, your grads or about anything at all, please know I have an open door policy. You may contact me through the school website, before school, and during my plan period which is sixth hour. My office is in the coach’s office by the pre-school wing.