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Business communications

TEACHER-Tory Gilson BUSINESS PHONE-3089872424

HOME PHONE-ASK         EMAIL-tory.gilson@overtoneagles.org



COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Business Communications

Description: Business Communication affects all aspects of our lives. This introductory course will teach students to communicate in a clear, courteous, concise, complete and correct manner on both the personal and professional levels. Competency will be developed in oral, written, interpersonal, technological, and employment communication. Listening skills will be incorporated throughout the semester. The overriding goal is to provide students with a solid communication base, so they are able to communicate effectively.

ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments are due the day they are assigned.  If you are absent, the assignment is due one day after you return, or if arrangements have been made otherwise.  Assignments will be given on a weekly basis.  It is your responsibility to make sure you know the assignment and when it is to be turned in.  Your study partner will help in this area.


TARDIES:  One is expected to be in the classroom on time.  If you are late, you will be allowed one late pass.  After that, you will be assigned a detention.  BE ON TIME, PLEASE!


GRADING: The grades in this class are determined by a point system.  Grades or points are assigned to each assignment, such as quizzes, worksheets, and workbook pages.  Grading is calculated as follows:   daily work 50%, tests 20%, quizzes 10%, Semester Tests 10%, and participation in class and activities 10%.  Current Events about the business world are encouraged.  Current events are extra credit, worth 3 points for handing one in or 5 points if you summarize and report on the article.  You can hand in one each week.


CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT:       Be courteous and respectful to others.  Class discussions are an important part of this class.  Be respectful to others as they state their opinion or answer.  Make sure you bring ALL necessary materials to class each day.  Supplies needed are:  textbook, workbook, notebook, and writing utensils.


DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES:   If a student is not on task and is disrupting others, a three step procedure will be in effect.  Step 1:  The student/s will be asked to stay after class with a warning.  If the same student/s continue disrupting the class, Step 2 will be in effect.  An automatic detention will be given-the student/s will have a choice of staying after school or coming in before school, and a call will be made to the parents or guardians.  Step 3:  Should disruption persist, the student/s will be sent to the