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Here are a list of resources that students and parents can use to help with homework.  Some of these sites have videos to watch which are helpful as well as extra practice that students can do.

Khan Academy: this is a fun site where there are videos that students and parents can watch to understand material.  It also allows students to work on missions which makes learning a game.

Math Tables: This has the tables students could use in Algebra 1 through Trigonometry 

Math Arcade: This is a fun site to get math practice using arcade like games

Math is Fun: This site is full of interactive math games to help students learn math in a creative way.  This would be great at home for extra practice.

Interactive math: This is a great site for Algebra students to get help with basic algebra skills 

ClassZone: This site actually goes with our Geometry textbook and can help students with more examples and explanations

Daves Short Trig Course: This is great for Trigonometry in getting applications for Trigonometry as well as further explanation of concepts.

Trigonometry Help: This site gives students another resource for finding and understaing trigonometric topics.

Calculus Help: This site does a great job of explaining some of the rules that students will learn in Calculus and can help them to understand them if I am not around.

Complete list of math resources: This website has some additional websites on it if you wanted to look at some more.  They do have them split up by topic area.