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This Year!!


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    This years math classes will be full of fun and excitement.  We will be trying to do many projects as well as activities to get the students up and out of their chairs for parts of class.  It is important to me to have the students engaged and excited to learn.  Math can be an exciting subject that has many uses for students, we just have to get them to the point where they are confident in their own abilities.  Every student can be successful and my goal is to encourage students to always do their absolute best.  If students ever need help I want them to come in and ask rather then not understand.  Asking questions is an activity that every student needs to be used to in order to be successful in the workplace.  My largest goal is to get students to not only learn math, but learn skills that will make them successful in todays society.  Attached is the rules and expectations for my classroom if anyone ever needs it for reference.

    Rules and Expectations.docx