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We will be having breakfast each morning around 8:30.  The school lunch program will be providing breakfast each day so please let us know if your child has any food allergies.  They will serve a choice of 1%, skim, strawberry or chocolate milk each day and juice on some days.  If you have any questions about this I should be able to answer them.


Each morning, the children will receive a fresh fruit or vegetable snack from the school. With the extended day, we ask that parents provide some type of healthy snack to go along with our fruit or vegetable.  Some items may include:  pretzel sticks, crackers, animal crackers, cheez-its, dry cereal, graham crackers, etc. Please refrain from sending anything with peanuts or peanut butter since we do have peanut allergies in the school.  As the year progresses, we may ask for more snacks to replenish our supply.

School Lunch

We will be having lunch at school every day around 11:30.  As with breakfast, the school lunch program provides our lunches so please let us know if your child has any food allergies.  You will receive a calendar of lunch menus every month so that you can let your child know what we will be eating every day.  (These menus are also available on the school website.)  You may send a lunch to school with your child if he/she does not like the lunch choice of the day, but all children will eat at school.  No one will leave to go home to eat.


Please feel free to send treats on your child’s birthday.  If you are planning on doing so, I would like to know in advance so we can plan for the day.  Children with summer birthdays can celebrate ½ birthdays or we set aside a day at the end of the year to celebrate summer birthdays.  Please let me know your preference.  We ask that you do not send cupcakes with frosting since these tend to be extremely messy.  Some ideas are:  rice krispie treats, jell-o jigglers, cookies, gummy snacks, etc.

Holidays/Special Occasions

If you would like to send treats for holidays or special occasions, I will be posting a sign-up sheet outside of our classroom.  This will be posted throughout the year for your convenience.

Show & Tell

I will be letting you know about the days that we will have show & tell.  Otherwise, please have your child keep his/her toys at home so that they don’t get broken or lost at school.


Please check your child’s backpack each and every day for notes and important papers.  Your child will have a special folder to carry work and notes back and forth to school in his/her school bag.  These folders will come home daily and are to be sent back each day.  Please send all notes, book order money and PreK tuition in your child’s folder.  We will check them each morning.  Also, please keep a change of clothes in your child’s backpack in case of spills or other accidents.


In Preschool we look for positive behaviors, yet sometimes discipline is necessary.  Each child will have a behavior incentive chart in his/her special folder.  We will fill the chart out each day to let you know what kind of day he/she had.  Hopefully it will be full of stickers and then your child will get to choose from the treasure chest!  A sticker on your child’s chart means he/she had a great day! A “Y” means your child’s name was moved to the yellow on our stop light.  This means they were given a warning about their behavior, but they continued to do what they were warned about.  An “R” means your child’s name was moved to the red light and had a time out or missed some center or recess time.  Please reinforce positive behavior and push for those stickers!

Clothing and Appropriate Attire

Preschool can be a very messy experience!  Although children wear paint shirts for many activities, they still seem to attract paint, glue, glitter and other natural substances.  Clothing that can be washed easily keeps stress to a minimum.  Tennis shoes or other rubber-soled shoes can prevent falls in the hallways and when we play outside or in the gym.  If your child would like to walk or play in the snow, he/she must have snow boots & snow pants.  Otherwise, children are asked to stay on the cement at recess time.


The cost of Preschool is $100.00 per month unless your family qualifies for free/reduced lunches.  Payment for each month is expected by the 15th of the month or your child will be unable to attend until payment is received.  You may pay for more than one month at a time, just make note of what month you are paying for with each check.


At Overton Preschool we will do everything possible for your child to have a positive experience with school.  If there is ever any way we can help, please don’t hesitate to call or make an appointment with the staff.


Thank You!