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National Honor Society Constitution - Overton NHS Chapter

NHS #14160














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Article I

Name and Purpose


Section 1.  The name of this chapter shall be the Overton High School National Honor Society of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools, which appears on the charter granted by the National Council of the National Honor Society, duly signed by the members of the National Council.

            Section 2.  The objects of this chapter shall be to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in all students of the Overton High School.


Article II



Section 1.  Membership in this chapter shall be based upon Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character.

Section 2.  Membership of this chapter shall be known as active and graduate. The graduate members have no vote. Active members become graduate members at graduation. Provisional Members, if they maintain high standards, may become active members in their junior year.

Section 3.  Candidates shall have spent at least one semester in school, and be members of the sophomore, junior, or senior class. Candidates eligible for election to the chapter shall have a minimum scholarship average of A, or 93%, or its equivalent. This scholarship level of achievement shall remain fixed, and shall be the required minimum scholastic level of achievement for admission to candidacy. All students who can rise in scholarship to or above such standard may be admitted to candidacy for election to membership. Their eligibility shall then be considered on their service, leadership, and character. The latter three requirements shall be determined by information gained on the candidate’s application for membership, as well as possible information from the principal’s disciplinary log. Membership will be voted upon by the five members of the chapter faculty council, described below. A majority vote by the council will gain membership for the candidate. 


Article III

Election/Dismissal of Members


            Section 1.  The election of members to this chapter of the National Honor Society shall be by a Faculty Council, consisting of not fewer than five teachers selected by the principal.  

            Section 2.  Any member of the faculty may propose to the council the names of students eligible for membership in the chapter.

            Section 3.  Any member who falls below the academic standards which were the bases of his election shall be promptly warned. If during the next regular marking period of the school, the member fails to meet the standards used as bases for his election to the Society, his case shall be passed upon by the faculty council. A National Honor Society member must maintain the standards for membership in order to retain his membership. A member will be allowed only one warning period. Once a member is dismissed, he is never again eligible for membership in the National Honor Society.

Section 4.1. Violation of the law or school regulations can result in dismissal of a member. These violations include, but are not limited to, MIP/DUI; stealing; destruction of property; cheating; truancy; possession, selling, or being under the influence of drugs; violation of OHS handbook policy on falsification of schoolwork, identification, and forgery; unexcused absences; use of profanity at school or school events; or belligerence towards teachers or authority figures.

In all cases of pending dismissal:

a. The member will receive written notification indicating the reason for possible dismissal from the advisor/Faculty Council. The member and advisor will discuss the written notification in a conference.

b. The member will be given the opportunity to respond to the charge against him/her at a hearing before the Faculty Council prior to the vote on dismissal (in accordance with due process identified in Article X of the National Constitution). The member has the opportunity to present his/her defense either in person or in writing. The Faculty Council will then vote on whether to dismiss. A majority vote of the Faculty Council is needed to dismiss any member.

c. The results of the Faculty Council vote will be reviewed by the principal, and then, if confirmed, expressed in a letter sent to the student and parents. Dismissed members must surrender any membership emblems to the advisor.

d. The Faculty Council’s decision may be appealed to the building principal.

e. When a student is dismissed or resigns, he/she is no longer a member and may never again be considered for membership in the National Honor Society.

            Section 4.2. In lieu of dismissal, the Faculty Council may impose disciplinary sanctions upon a member as deemed appropriate.

            Section 4.3.  When a member is dismissed, he must be notified in writing and his emblem and membership card returned to the advisor or principal. Notice of his dismissal must by indicated on the Annual Report submitted to the national secretary at the end of the year.

            Section 5.  An active member of the National Honor Society who transfers to this school will be automatically accepted for membership in this chapter. This transfer member must maintain the membership requirements for this chapter in order to retain his membership.


Article IV



            Section 1.  The officers of this chapter shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and public relations secretary.

            Section 2.  A majority of the votes cast shall be necessary for election to any office of this chapter.

            Section 3.  It shall be the duty of the president to preside at the meetings of this chapter.

            Section 4.  The vice-president shall preside in the absence of the president.

            Section 5.  The chapter secretary shall keep the minutes of meetings, a record of all business, and all records on file. He shall, with the approval of the principal or advisor, certify to the national secretary of the National Council the names of all members for the current school year on the annual report submitted to National Headquarters.

            Section 6.  The treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds of the chapter and shall keep an accurate account of receipts and disbursements in accordance with school regulations.



Article V

Executive Committee


            Section 1.  The executive committee shall consist of four members of the Faculty Council and the officers of the chapter.

            Section 2.  The executive committee shall have general charge of the meetings and business of the chapter, but any action on the part of the executive committee may be subject to the review of the chapter.

            Section 3. All accounts of the treasurer must be audited annually by an auditing committee appointed by the executive committee of the chapter.


Article VI



            Section 1.  The activities of this chapter shall be subject to the approval of the principal.


Article VII



            Section 1.  The regular meetings of this chapter shall be held three times a school year. Dates of these meetings may be set by the principal and the executive committee.

            Section 2.  The officers of the chapter shall be elected at the last regular meeting of the year.

            Section 3. Special meetings, approved by the executive committee, may be called by the president.

            Section 4.  All meetings shall be open meetings and shall be held under the sponsorship of the principal or some member of the faculty selected by him.

            Section 5.  This chapter shall conduct its meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order in all points not expressly provided for in the constitution of this chapter


Article VIII



            Section 1.  Each member of this chapter shall be entitled to wear the emblem adopted by the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools.

            Section 2.  Any member who withdraws or is dismissed from the chapter shall return the emblem.

            Section 3.  Each member agrees that, whether the emblem comes to him as a gift, a personal purchase, an award, or from whatever source, the title to the emblem shall rest with the chapter of which he is a member; and, therefore, the emblem can on the motion of the council be commandeered. Furthermore, each member agrees that his acceptance of the emblem shall be considered affirmation of this stipulation in regard to the title of the emblem.

            Section 4.  All insignia must be procured from the national secretary of the National Honor Society, 1904 Association Drive, Reston, Va. 22091.

Article IX



Section 1.  No annual dues shall be assessed, unless established by the chapter. These dues cannot exceed $1.00.


Article X



            Section 1.  This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the chapter, provided that the proposed amendment has been approved by the executive committee of the chapter and by the national secretary of the National Honor Society and that notice to members has been given at least one month prior notice to the meeting at which it is to be voted upon.




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